Our future studio  

Our future studio  



POKDO STUDIO is a multifaceted company with three different departments  (Multi-media production, Media Services, and the PKD Academy) making our company unique in the way we deliver, create, and inspire. 

Our Mission as a company is to consistently create compellingly in the highest quality, inspire and to encourage change in the world positively bringing together the young media artists from around the world.  Our vision, which we continuously aim to strive after is to be on the forefront, leading the media industry forward, being a multi media company created to create change in the environment we are in, perfecting our craft in every way.  


in-house production:

Our in house multi-media production team boasts of a growing talented group of people ready to make and be creative. We aim to generate new content that is compelling and inspiring, with the purpose of kickstarting positive change. Below is a link to Our Projects page, a collection of projects that we are working on or have done. It features different artists, projects and outcomes that you can be apart of through donation. 

multi-media service:

Our multimedia service department is special in that we collaborate with professionals for each service we offer. This ensures a high quality finish and guarantees a satisfying result in the product or project you want. We currently offer five different services: Photography, Videography, Virtual Reality, Audio Engineering/DJ, and Graphic Design. We offer these services in a professional manner in three different ways making us unique. Unique, because you as a client get to choose the way you want to achieve your goal. For more information , please check out the link below.



PKD Academy will always be a goal we are running towards but also our future.  This department is exciting, for us and for you. WHY? Because the education that you receive here will be mostly funded and paid for by us. All you need is the passion, hunger, and talent in pursuit with the desire of being apart of the multi media industry in any way you want. Make your goal your dream, and we will help you achieve it. Aimed to curate, encourage, inspire, and educate the next generation of media artists we hope to see you apart of our team!