Imagine walking for weeks through 100-degree heat with little to no water, after evading gangsters, rapists and police, while riding aboard the top of a speeding cargo train. Then spending your life savings to cross into a country where you have invested all of your hope to find a better life, only to be caught, detained, and deported right back to the home you fled because you would be killed if you stayed. According to Bloomberg, over 300,000 people put themselves through that same danger in 2017 alone. Currently, the President of the United States is trying to make these migrants’ journeys to salvation even more arduous and difficult.


What is humano?

HUMANO is a story about a family of four migrating from Latin America to the United States illegally, told through the cutting edge technology of Virtual Reality (VR). It is a four part story that begins at “La Casa” or home, an undisclosed country in Latin America, celebrating their culture and history, while also showing people the harsh realities of life in countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. It covers the entire journey including the border, and each part is experienced through the eyes of a different member of the family.


Our aim with HUMANO is to change the social perception of migrants by giving them a platform to share their stories and show people what they are leaving behind and going through just to live like the rest of us. We want to change immigration policy by making a petition to include Latin American countries on the list of countries who can apply for refugee status that can be signed while still being inside the headset. We are also providing options to donate to several relief services dedicated to helping immigrants such as the migrant shelter Hermanos en el Camino and the International Rescue Committee. We agree that there is an issue with illegal immigration. We just believe that the best way to solve it is not by deporting migrants, but by finding ways to help them migrate legally.