What is humano?


HUMANO is a narrative driven, documentary inspired, interactive room-scale, virtual reality experience that puts people into the shoes of the Morenos, a family of four, migrating from El Salvador to the United States. It is told through 4 parts, La Casa, El Camino, La Bestia, and finally, La Comunidad. Each section dives into a different part of their journey.

Today the US sees hundreds of thousands of people trying to immigrate from countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Many Americans view this wave of migration as the problem, but the real problem is what is causing these people to flee their countries and how the States has been handling migrants.


Expected Release Date: May 2020





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Home is where the heart is, but for the Moreno’s it’s also where the hurt is.

In LA CASA – Part 1 of HUMANO, you will learn about the troublesome history of El Salvador and explore their lush and vibrant culture. Be warned though, for the streets are not always the safest place to be.




The journey towards asylum has only just begun and the Moreno’s have no clue what is in store, but a shelter in the southern edge of Mexico has provided them a place to rest their weary feet.

In EL CAMINO – Part 2 of HUMANO, you will explore the real shelter of Hermanos en el Camino, and experience what life is like as a migrant family mentally, spiritually, and emotionally preparing themselves for the long road ahead.



LA Bestia

Imagine riding an AMTRAK train all the way up the east-coast, except this time, you don’t get to recline in your chair or purchase a seltzer water and enjoy free wifi. Instead, you have to hold on for dear life as you traverse through thick jungles and gang territory riding on the top of a speeding cargo train.

LA BESTIA – Part 3 of HUMANO relives the dangers migrants face as they traverse through Mexico just to reach the border as they ride the infamous cargo train dubbed La Bestia.



What the Morenos have journeyed months for is behind a fence, visible from the dark warehouse they and hundreds of other migrants have sought refuge in. Home is near, but fear is here when their daughter, Sofia goes missing.

LA COMUNIDAD, Part 4 of HUMANO, You become Rodrigo Moreno. The story takes place in Tijuana after a rigorous journey through Mexico. After losing your son, Javier, the fear of losing your daughter in the dark warehouse that is Contra Viento y Marea, will force participants to get up and search for her.



America is a nation founded from the dreams of immigrants. The States have always been an icon of opportunity and the destination for a better life. However, The United States has been deterring immigrants, detaining them indefinitely, and deporting them back to homes that want them dead, making it virtually impossible to reach that dream. With HUMANO, the aim is to highlight this humanitarian crisis, show what is causing this mass exodus out of Central America, and give migrants an opportunity to share their stories with the world.

We want to inspire cultural change in the way that Latino immigrants are perceived by sharing their relatable stories and having people understand what life is like through their eyes. By exposing the American population to the truths behind the migrant struggle, we hope it will spur a change in the American culture towards the inhumane detainment of migrants in facilities and our approach to handling immigration policy, especially in regards to asylum and removal proceedings.


Life in El Salvador

Photo captured in 2013 by Paul Lai.