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Multi-media services




Photography is one of the most essential media services we can offer, and we offer it joyfully, guaranteeing high satisfaction in your results. We specialize in many different forms of photography wether it be for commercial or artistic purposes. You can ask our services to aid you from documentation, event photography to product photography, all the way to artist contemplations. You can check out our portfolio by clicking the image above or look at some of the artistic projects we have done in house. 


Videography is a form of art that requires detail, time and effort. We believe the product of your project can only be as good as those who take part in the projects we take, which is why we recruit those skilled with only the highest quality of work. We care about perfection in the color to the unique identity each client desires to have in their videos. Please check out our portfolio by clicking the photo above , or by looking through our in house projects. 


This service is unique to POKDO STUDIO because it is in partnership with RXN|N llc. This ensures quality service and the comfortable exploration of anything sound. Audio and sound meaning not just in terms of music but also the details of sound that appear in videos and VR. 


virtual reality

Virtual Reality is a trending and rapid growing medium that many business, organizations, and individuals desire to use but don't necessarily know how.  It is a medium that is highly immersive, interactive and real. The team at POKDO STUDIO are experts in the usage of VR and we not only consider it as a tool for the future but an outlet for art that many companies or potential clients have not used before.



Our graphic design team is useful because we can use this service in combination with any of the other four. For example by applying for branding services here, it helps to create a more cohesive and concise aesthetic and content for each client unique to their own. On it's own we offer a variety of services from logo, poster, commercial designs to motion graphics and brochures. For a full list of options and a look at our portfolio, click the picture above. 


Our Ways of delivering the services


PKD Media Workshops

POKDO Studio offers a variety of workshops providing our clients different media training.

This program aims to help individuals to expand or develop knowledge and skillset.


Color grading workshop

Led by our color specialist Jeffrey Chance he covers the basic knowledge to his special techniques to make every product more special to the eye. Color is a huge element to any commercial project or artistic work. We don't just consider it a fundamental part of video making or photography a necessity. For more info, groups, or specific requests please contact


Product photography workshop

Here at POKDO STUDIO one of the things we do best is product and commercial photography. We care not just about the process of taking the photos but also the second half which is as equally important - editing. In this workshop we will cover both aspects, as well as technology, the basics, and techniques. For more info, groups, or specific requests please contact


Film Production Workshop

Filming is an amazing tool to tell a story. It captures the audience in a flash and can tell an idea through multiple sensory experiences. It brings imagination and products into a 3D realm to experience the full scope of its capabilities. So many things to learn , we recommend you sign up fast and we will plan the course according the majority needs. For more info, groups, or specific requests please contact