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Paul Lai

PAUL LAI - CO founder / CEO

Paul Lai is a multifaceted artist who blends together the worlds of photography, film, and technology, creating captivating and provocative works in XR (Cross Reality) mediums. He has worked as a filmmaker and producer on an abundance of projects as both a student and graduate of MICA. Paul has dedicated his life to using art as a platform for humanitarian work, highlighting moments and issues in ways that advocate for human rights. As Co-Director of HUMANO, he has led a team of hardworking and talented individuals to produce a Virtual Reality project that has the potential to cause massive immigration policy reform. Through his passion for emerging technologies, drive and ambition to become a great director, he has participated in the 2018 Oculus LaunchPad program, been an honorary fellow of the 2019 Black Public Media's Content Incubator, and a current fellow of the Saul Zaentz Innovation Fund. He was an associate producer on the award-winning VR film "The Day the World Changed" which premiered in the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival. His mission is spread both a love for art and technology, as well as bring awareness, challenge, and fight the injustices of this world.


claIre cho - co founder

Claire Cho graduated from MICA with a BFA in fibers and a background in the fine arts. Her passion is to story tell in diverse mediums wether that be digital or tangible, traditional or contemporary. Her aim in her works is to bring an awe factor to her audiences or to problem solve exiting concerns that arise around the world using the arts and design as her tool. Currently she works in the realm of textiles and material letting the research and experimentation around her inform what she creates. With installation, design, and the fine arts as her forte she has teamed up with Paul Lai to create POKDO STUDIO bringing her vision and love for creativity into the world of Multi Media. 





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